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"Sam" Original

"Sam" Original

SKU: 4307

Original - 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas 


Comes framed with archival UV protecting sealer applied.

From the Artist: Sam, a life-long partner of "Chet", was deaf from birth. He cued for alarming sounds by watching Chet for reactions. And, in-turn, Chet always kept Sam in eye-shot to make sure he didnt get left behind when the herd moved or if a potential threat presented itself.  No one will ever know if Chet truly understood Sam's handicap, but at times he would demonstrate an uncanny awareness of it and was always watching out for his teammate. Sam passed in the winter of 2017/18.  He was found in the morning laying in his round bale. He was a well-known glutton and it appeared he passed doing what he loved... eating. 

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